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LocalPrices offer/coupon platform
If you love mobiles and being online then you already know the power of the internet to find you the best deal everywhere. But no matter what deals we find online, some of our best memories come from shopping locally with the people and places we are familiar with. Local people, local places, local produce. LOCALprices helps you find the best deals in your own neighbourhood. Learn more at
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Photo: Each photo has a reward just for looking! The more you look the more you earn.
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Location: Each offer also includes a detailed map so you know how close the store is.
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Details: Each offer is described in plain language. Just walk into a store to claim it.
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The right price just in time
Not everything can be planned for. Cancelled orders or cancelled appointments, excess goods at the end of day, perishable stock that might spoil quickly, a bulk purchase that you need to turn around quickly. Each day is filled with time critical problems that need to be resolved quickly and effectively. LOCALprices helps you find the customers you need - right now! Learn more at
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Attract: Take a great photo to attract people to your offer, or use one from your gallery.
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Offer: Set a price that will move people off their chairs and into your store.
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Invite: In a few words describe what you have to offer. See the sizzle not just the sausage!
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