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    Mobile apps for teaching languages

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    Mobile apps for local merchants

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LocalPrices coupon/offer platform
If you love mobiles and being online, then you already know the power of the internet to find you the best deal every where. But no matter what deals we find online, some of our best memories come from shopping locally with the people and places we are familiar with. Local people, local places, local produce. LOCALprices helps you find the best deals in your own neighbourhood. Learn more at
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Rabbit language platform
Create interactive language lessons that run on smartphones and tablets. For a low monthly subscription schools can access our web based lesson creator plus have their own branded version of our mobile and tablet apps. Schools can restrict access to just their school or make the lessons public. Lessons can also be provided free or sold via their app. It's a great way to learn and to earn. Learn more at
Turn your skills into mobile revenue!
While each of our apps focus on completely different markets they all have one single aim. To help you promote your business, attract new customers and to create powerful new streams of income. Whether you're a school, college or newspaper publisher, our apps provide your organisation with a unique opportunity to turn your skills, knowledge and experience into mobile revenue. Contact us for
more details.
Fresh Online develops online and mobile based solutions that help schools and businesses attract new users and new revenue opportunities.
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