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Orson Tormey
CEO, Founder, App Developer
Languages: English (Australian accent), Thai
After studying at the David Syme School of Business Australia, Orson served 5 years as an Area Sales Manager at Apple Australia. After which he founded Trio Technology a company specialising in web based publishing solutions.
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Ron Taylor
Languages: English, English and English!
Ron has over 30 years building international businesses in Australia, the US and South Africa. He has a keen eye for value and an opportunity and knows how to bring the people and resources together to make things happen.
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James Wright
Languages: Full stack developer
If you can classify coding languages as a foreign language (many do) then James is more fluent than any of our team. James brings with him over 20 years developing and managing content management systems for global media companies.
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Jeff Stone
Languages: English (US accent), Japanese, Spanish
With a BSBA (Accounting) and an MBA in International Business, Jeff has also worked in executive positions with Fortune 500 companies including Schrader-Bridgeport. He has also built and sold his own multi-million dollar HR company.
Fresh Online develops online and mobile based solutions that help schools and businesses attract new users and new revenue opportunities.
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